It's Kidding Season!

Hi friends! Just wanted to pop in quickly and share some cuteness with you all. This evening as I was out finishing up chores for the day-watering the garden-I heard some really loud noises coming from our pasture goats. Not just bleating, but more like a yell. Definitely out of the ordinary, especially because these two gals are pretty quiet. 

I've been checking every day twice a day because our ladies are expecting. I knew when I heard the ruckus this evening that we were going to have a kid before the night was out! 

I ran from the garden and into the house to fetch my camera and phone and ran back out to the field to see what was happening and I was surprised to see this little one had already arrived!

So far, this is the only one to make an appearance. I can't wait to get back out and cuddle it in the morning! And to take more pictures (obviously)!!

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