Christmas Fun Wishlist

Every year I make our bucket list of things to do during the holidays. It includes movies we want to watch, things we want to do, places to go. If you're in need of some winter time inspiration, here's our list to help you get started having fun this holiday season! 

Buttermilk Bread

Delicious homemade bread. I'm convinced there's nothing that makes a house feel cozier than the smell fresh baked bread. Ever since stumbling upon this recipe on Pinterest, I've made probably 30 times and it never fails to be the best homemade bread I've ever had. We love it. We eat it plain, right out of the oven. Or dipped in butter. It's so good with stews. Or make french toast. Whatever you decide, you can bet it won't last long. Better make 2 loaves while you're at it!

Summer '16 Part 2-Harvest

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