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In the Garden: May

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share more about our gardening process with y’all. We get lots of questions from friends and family about this and it’s easier to explain if I share pictures of the progress.

We do raised beds and use the concept of square foot gardening instead of traditional rows. There are many reasons for this, but our main ones for choosing this route are that we have less weeds, we plant tighter together (maximizing the crops we grow in a smaller space), and for me, I think raised beds are just prettier. I know the last reason is silly, but I’m motivated by lovely views, and when the garden appeals to me aesthetically, I’m much more likely to spend time there.

This is our second year of starting our garden from seeds. Our garden has become something that we think and talk about year-round. Back in February, we made a list of all the things we wanted to grow this year. This is where I have to practice a lot of self control, because I want to grow ALL.THE.THINGS!! 

With the success of my flower bed last year, I knew I wanted to grow zinnias again and try my hand at a few other variety of flowers. We also wanted to go with our staples of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, & squash; but we threw in a few fun things like sweet peas, pumpkins, watermelons and giant sunflowers. 

We ordered our seeds from Burpee and when they arrived we got to work. We like to start our seeds indoors to get a head start on our garden.

This year, we started on March 9. This was a bit later than we planned, but still in the general time frame for the growing zone we’re in. We gathered all of our tools on the front porch and called it a party! Everything is more fun when you add music and family!  

Katie's May Garden Update: 2017

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Spring Bunny

I’ve been on a crochet kick lately, and have recently gotten into making amigurumi (ami for short). Amigurumi is the art of knitting or crocheting stuffed animals. 

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Gone Fishing

Once upon a time, I used to add all my pictures from daily events, to birthdays, to crafts I was making, to Facebook’s albums; but lately the desire to even log in to fb has been very low. 

Over the last few years, I’ve migrated to Instagram, where it seems like the happy people go to play. Between the pictures, messages, & quotes, everyone seems to be so much more inspirational and uplifting on that platform.

The only caveat, is that the “story” is harder to tell with only one photo. And often, I have a whole collection of pictures to go with an event.

Rather than let these little memories get tucked away on a hard drive only to be viewed once or twice, if ever, I have found myself in this space again, wanting to share my pictures and a little story behind them. Mostly for myself. And for my mom (hi, mom) because I’m pretty sure we’re the only two here. 🙂 And of course, for my daughter. One day I hope she looks back here and sees a priceless recording of memories from her childhood. 

This little collection is from last weekend. We were all a bit tired and not feeling great, but we decided we’d been cooped up enough in the house, and Bill announced “let’s go fishing!” and it sounded like just the pick me up we needed.

We usually fish at our own lakes, and this evening we headed down to the big one to see what was biting. 

I fished a bit, but didn’t catch a single thing, so I sat back with my camera to capture the magic. Bill caught a ton of fish (filled up 1 1/2 buckets!) and Harper played to heart’s content with a paddle and some lures. Not a device or screen to be found to play with, she occupied herself for over two hours with just those things. 

Isn’t her crown just the cutest? Yes, she dressed herself. 

She decided to kick those socks and shoes off for a feet dip in the water, even though it was a bit chilly for that! Bill dipped her toes in. You’ll see her delight on her face! 

We spent the rest of the evening cleaning fish. We ate fish dinners for the next 3 days! Including frying up enough fish and hush puppies to go and share with Bill’s parents, and sister’s family.  I made a dessert and they prepared sides and we had the best dinner! I always love when we get to share a meal with family, and home grown and caught fish seem to make it even better. 

We’re already looking forward to our next trip. I’m hoping to put up enough fish to not have to purchase any at the store for the rest of the year! 

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It’s Kidding Season!

Hi friends! Just wanted to pop in quickly and share some cuteness with you all. This evening as I was out finishing up chores for the day-watering the garden-I heard some really loud noises coming from our pasture goats. Not just bleating, but more like a yell. Definitely out of the ordinary, especially because these two gals are pretty quiet. 

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In the Garden

Hi friends! I’m excited to give you a tour of our garden this year. I shared back in March that we had started seeds, and we transplanted most of them into our raised bed garden in April. 
I bought flowers a few weeks ago to add some color around the garden and porch. 
farm & garden, moments, spring

She’s a wildflower

My little love is so wild and free. Oh, to be that young and without a care! Windswept hair, mismatched clothes, pajama pants tucked into her rain boots. Bringing mama bouquets of anything blooming.  I hope she keeps this wildness, her boldness, her sweetness.