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Blueberry Zucchini Bread

Y’all. I’m trying really hard to become a summer lover. Or even a summer liker. This season is really super duper hard on me. Maybe it’s because May through August in Alabama feels like the surface of the sun. So my solution for summer survival? Lots of reading, watching my favorite movies, crafting, and of course – baking. It seems counter productive to heat up the house with the oven while outside it already feels like an oven. But the kitchen is my happy place, and making pretty food, well that’s my jam. Bonus points if the food is made in gift-able form, like these mini blueberry zucchini bread cakes. 

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Summer Pretties (My zinnia garden)

Summer time has never really been my favorite. It’s so hot and humid! I decided this year though, to make a list of things that I love that happen during summer, so that hopefully with having things to look forward to, I would enjoy this season a bit more. My zinnia garden definitely tops my favorite things for summertime! 

 So today I’m sharing one of my joys-flowers straight from my garden! This year I planted zinnias, sunflowers, dwarf dahlias, and poppies. I have harvested so many little bouquets already and summer has just begun. 

I got my first ever peach colored and yellow zinnias! They are so pretty. Also popped in a pic of our first vine ripened tomatoes! Hope you enjoy this peak at the garden.
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