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Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is not just an ordinary cookie. This beauty is a Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie. They’re thick. Soft baked. Chewy. Made with Brown Butter. Packed with chocolate. Topped with coarse sea salt. In one word: heavenly. It’s my most requested dessert from family & friends. 

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Katie Gets Creative

My husband loves these for the strong vanilla flavor-thank you vanilla bean paste! My brother in law loves them because they’re soft. I love them because of the chocolate + sea salt. No matter you’re reasoning, you’re going to love them, and so will everyone else. You will be asked for the recipe. So go ahead and pin it and share! Or hoard it for yourself on a “secret recipes” board. Either way, just make the cookie. 

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Katie Gets Creative

These bad boys take a while because the dough requires chilling. Yes, you must. In order to get this gorgeous texture and thickness, you need to chill (your dough, that is). 

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Katie Gets Creative

Get yourself to the kitchen asap and make the dough. Put it in the fridge, or the freezer if you’re super impatient like me. Grab a glass of wine, watch Grey’s Anatomy. Take a break halfway through and preheat your oven. Commence Grey’s. Then bake! 

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
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  1. 1 cup unsalted butter (2 sticks), browned
  2. 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  3. 1 1/4 cup dark brown sugar (light pack)
  4. 1 egg + 1 yolk
  5. 1 tsp vanilla bean paste + 1 tsp vanilla extract
  6. 2 tbsp whole milk
  7. 2 1/2 cup + 3 tbsp bread flour
  8. 1 tsp baking soda
  9. 1 tsp salt
  10. 1 1/2 tsp cornstarch
  11. 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips
  12. sea salt (optional)
  1. Brown Butter and cool to room temp (but still liquid). Include all of those brown bits at the bottom of the pan-this is where the flavor is!
  2. While the butter is cooling, whisk together the flour and other dry ingredients into a medium bowl.
  3. Cream butter & sugars for 2 minutes on medium speed (2)
  4. Add egg, yolk, vanilla, and milk and mix for 1 minute or until incorporated.
  5. Add the dry ingredients to the bowl and mix slowly.
  6. Add in chocolate chips
  7. Cover & Chill
  8. When dough is firm and cool througout, roll into balls then press into the sides to make a cylinder shape-you're aiming to have the ball taller than wide
  9. Bake 6-8 cookies per sheet, 2 inches apart
  10. Bake for 9 minutes at 350 degrees
  11. Remove cookies from oven. Sprinkle with sea salt (if desired) and press a few more chocolate chips into the top (this is for aesthetics only, the cookies are packed with chips already!)
  12. Cookies will look slightly under-baked, this is okay! They will continue to bake on the cookie sheet after removed from the oven. If you bake them until they look done, they will be crunchy instead of soft and chewy.
Katie Gets Creative

Go forth and share, friends! 

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Katie Gets Creative

Recipe adapted from Alton Brown’s The Chewy, recipe courtesy of Recipe for Perfection 

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Katie Gets Creative

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from

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