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Coffee Break

Just a few pics from around the farm lately. I’ve been mostly tired and when I do have energy, it’s spent with my girls. I’ve been trying to make time for my camera, capturing little moments. Time is flying by. My little one will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that much time has gone by. Pregnancy feels like it lasts a thousand years and then once the baby arrives, it’s like you wake up and bam she’s 8 weeks old already! I’m hoping to have a little more time to devote to the blog now that we’re all getting a little more sleep. 

I’m rambling I know but I’m still drinking my first cup of coffee so my brain is still jumbled. Anyway friends, here’s what is going on with the farm lately.

My hens are finally laying eggs again. My easter eggers are to thank for the pretty blue/green eggs. I have 19 hens but I’m only getting around 6 eggs a day. The other ladies are hiding their eggs. I’ve got to come up with a solution to get them all laying in the barn so that I don’t have to search everywhere for eggs. I also have a broody hen that is sitting on at least a dozen eggs. I’m excited to see our first farm born chicks following a mama around! 

In other bird related farm news, we’re hatching our first set of quail eggs in some years. They should start hatching tomorrow evening. Very exciting! Quail eggs are so so tiny. They start laying after just 8 weeks. I can’t wait to collect them and try them out. 

Our baby goats that were born the same week as Lily are back on the farm. My sister in law and nieces bottle fed them for us since I didn’t have the time to do it with a new baby of my own. They’re currently in the same fence as our Christmas Calf, Tinkerbell. They play well together except at feeding time. Tink really wants their bottles. 

We’ve started our seeds and we need to get the garden prepped now for planting in a few weeks. Our local weatherman says we will likely have at least one more frost, so we like to wait until after April 15th to get our seedlings in the ground. I cannot wait for flowers, tomatoes and peppers! My back porch kitchen is nearly complete, and I’m so looking forward to canning out there this year. 

So I’ve finished my coffee and now housework is calling my name. Thanks for hanging around with me this morning friends! 

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