Sunday in September

Hi there friends. I'm back. After a painfully long summer, autumn is finally creeping in and I couldn't be happier about it. Summer is not my happy place. But when the air cools, leaves change, and days get shorter, my soul comes alive.

Our days are still full here on the farm, though our daily rhythms have changed. Over the summer, I bottle fed our two female fawns that were born. We named the pair Lacey and Luna. They were late July babies, and our first fawns that we've ever tried to raise from the bottle. They are very friendly girls as you can see from the pictures. They love to come and see if we have a treat for them and Lacey in particular loves a hug.

My hens are getting bigger and should start laying soon. 

And yes, that is a baby bump covering my boots in the hen picture! I'm 21 weeks along as of today, and feeling every bit of it. I'm moving much slower these days, in part because breathing is just becoming tougher, but also because of a recent diagnosis that requires me to take it easier. 

Lately our days are filled with homeschool lessons, dance class, family visits, farm chores, and cooking long slow meals from our meats that we put up from last year. Baking homemade bread is something we have been enjoying nearly every week, and it seems to bring a warm cozy feeling with it that I hope to carry throughout the fall and winter months. I'll share my favorite bread recipe soon with you all. 

I'm also hoping to add some pictures from over the summer. I have a few recipes I'd like to share as well as what we've been up to (besides growing a baby!) 

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