In the Garden: May

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share more about our gardening process with y'all. We get lots of questions from friends and family about this and it's easier to explain if I share pictures of the progress.

We do raised beds and use the concept of square foot gardening instead of traditional rows. There are many reasons for this, but our main ones for choosing this route are that we have less weeds, we plant tighter together (maximizing the crops we grow in a smaller space), and for me, I think raised beds are just prettier. I know the last reason is silly, but I'm motivated by lovely views, and when the garden appeals to me aesthetically, I'm much more likely to spend time there. 

This is our second year of starting our garden from seeds. Our garden has become something that we think and talk about year-round. Back in February, we made a list of all the things we wanted to grow this year. This is where I have to practice a lot of self control, because I want to grow ALL.THE.THINGS!! 

With the success of my flower bed last year, I knew I wanted to grow zinnias again and try my hand at a few other variety of flowers. We also wanted to go with our staples of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, & squash; but we threw in a few fun things like sweet peas, pumpkins, watermelons and giant sunflowers. 

We ordered our seeds from Burpee and when they arrived we got to work. We like to start our seeds indoors to get a head start on our garden.

This year, we started on March 9. This was a bit later than we planned, but still in the general time frame for the growing zone we're in. We gathered all of our tools on the front porch and called it a party! Everything is more fun when you add music and family! 

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