Finding Spring

We're easing into Spring this year. While I look forward to the changing of the seasons, I think the transition into Spring is becoming my favorite more and more.

Before I had a large garden or farm animals, Spring was much like any other season. I was excited for something new, but now I have so much to look forward to. The seed starting, flower planting, new babies being born, warmer weather, longer days, it's all so exciting!

This is also the time of year that my days become fuller and busier. Watching the goats for signs of labor, watering and watching the seedlings grow, and so many animals to feed! 

Summer is most definitely my busiest season when the garden is in full bloom. There is canning & freezing vegetables, milking the goat(s), watering & weeding the garden, and deer babies being born. Also our second set of goat kids will be due this summer! 

 I appreciate the slowness that Spring allows me to have to ease into the busier days ahead.

Here's a look around the farm and what we've been up to lately!

In January, we brought home a 5 week old calf. And by brought her home, I mean Harper and I took a a little adventure and drove 200 miles round trip, and I put the calf in the backseat of my truck for the long ride home! :-) Yes, I'm a crazy farm lady. I know. 


In March, we added bunnies to the farm. A few will be for pets, but they will also be meat rabbits as well. 

Down to just two hens, my daily egg collection looks a little sad. But still, this is better than no fresh eggs! And I have lots of chicks coming at the end of April. 

Finally started piecing together this flannel quilt for Harper. I cut the squares for it in the summer of 2015. Don't judge. Okay you can judge. Better late than never, huh? 

My favorite book from the library right now is this unofficial Gilmore Girls cookbook. It has everything: Founder's Day Punch, Emily's Salmon Puffs, Mock Turtle Soup, all the favorite's from Luke's Diner and Sookie's kitchen. If you're a fan, please do yourself a favor and get this book! 

My beauty! I love those little freckles popping up. I could just kiss her face off! 

My praisin' peas! Don't it look like they've got their hands raised to the heavens? 

My girl is always picking flowers for me. I love, love, love it.

Our dogwoods have begun blooming and they look so beautiful during the golden hours.

This picture was ten days prior to Milky's due date...and then....

Goat kids! Milky gave birth the day before her due date. We have three sweet bucklings! 

My best barn helper. She's with me rain or shine.

Cupcakes on Saturday mornings and twinkle lights = happiness 

I gave her my old glasses, and Bill pushed the lenses out so she can wear these for dress up play. So cute! 

Picture by Bill & HL. 

First milk of the season. This isn't for us yet. I'm bottle feeding the third baby, he was kindly rejected by Milky, so I've adopted him. 

Visits from my mama

and beautiful new flowers 

starting seeds 

lots and lots of seeds....

and bottle feeding the calf...

very first sprout of the year, 

and sunset with the hens, 

This is how we are finding Spring. 

"Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!" -Sitting Bull

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