DIY Dream Catcher

 Last year Harper asked if I could make her a dream catcher. Being one of those moms who thinks that she can DIY anything with no experience whatsoever, of course I said "sure!"

I set off to pinterest for basic tutorials, as one does when one has no idea how to make a thing, and found plenty of tutorials. 

This is a basic tutorial that I followed and it has detailed instructions. For mine, since I didn't have a doily, I had to make one. Luckily, I'm a yarn hoarder :-D so I raided my stash and thought this lovely glitter sequined yarn from Michael's would be perfect. I matched it with other yarns for the tassel portion and voila! 

I used a small embroidery hoop as the base, and wrapped it in the gold yarn. Next I crocheted the little doily from a coaster pattern found on Ravelry. If you don't crochet, I think a vintage doily would look lovely for this part as well. Attaching it was simple, I stretched the doily and hot glued the edges, and then tied the tassels to the bottom. I tied a longer piece of yarn to each side to make the hanger.

Isn't it sweet? It looks lovely hanging from the bed post.  

I love adding handmade items like this around my home. It adds a personal touch and makes a home feel cozier, don't you think? 

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