Dark Chocolate Caramels with Sea Salt

Are y'all ready for this? Today's recipe is super easy if you've already made the caramels from yesterday's post. If not, head there first! Or if you wanna do the super easy version, buy store bought caramels. You can totally do that. No judging here! 

Besides the caramels, all you need is chocolate & sea salt. Tools? Just wax paper, a bowl, and a fork.

I used ghirardelli dark melting wafers. They can be found in the baking section of most grocery stores. They are so easy to use! 

Melt the wafers in a microwave safe bowl, 15 seconds at a time until the chocolate is melted. (I didn't get a pic of this because it was so late when I was doing it. Whoops!)

Dunk your caramels in, give them a spin around, and then use your fork to remove them onto the wax paper.

Quickly sprinkle with sea salt! I would do 3-4 then sprinkle, then another 3-4. This chocolate cools very quickly. If you wait until you're done with all of the caramels before salting, you'll miss your window. 

Let the candies cool completely, and then you can wrap or put in a cute box for gift giving! 

For real y'all. I can't even. 

 Go make these. So easy. So good. You can thank me later. :-) 


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