Christmas Time, Part 1

December has flown by and while I've been busy taking pictures, I haven't been as busy sharing these moments on the blog. I hope to remedy that in the new year. I have lots planned for upcoming posts. I won't say I'm making it a New Year's resolution, but it's definitely on my goal list. 

So many lovely photos to choose, but I picked a handful for this post. I'll share the others in another! 

My favorite Santa mugs made their appearance again this year.

Loved decorating my mantel this year with all of the books I've collected since I was a child. 
My mom and aunt regularly add to this Christmas collection, and I love this pic of my mom reading the newest book to Harper. 

On Christmas Eve, we took one last drive around to look at lights. We stopped on our town's main street for pictures and a quick stroll through. We had a really warm holiday, the high reaching 80 degrees! No need for scarves or coats!

We made cookies on Christmas Eve too! 

She decorated hers....just her style! 

We don't do "big Christmas", we really try to focus more on experiences and togetherness, but we do give gifts (just not a ton). I like to give a few new things, some secondhand, and some handmade. Her jeep was a preloved purchase from a family member, and I absolutely loved her excitement over it! I'm trying to raise a thrifter here, y'all! :-) 

We might be odd, but we also don't do Santa with Harper. She knows that Mom & Dad buy her gifts. But, she's 4 and she loves pretend, so we played along and left cookies out for Santa. 

She might look like a sleeping angel, but rest assured she's still the epitome of her nickname "Hyper Harper". 

Oh the excitement on Christmas morning! 

Five Christmases with my HarperLinn Rose! In order from her first Christmas in 2012 (6 m.) through this year. 

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday! 

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