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Hi friends! I'm excited to give you a tour of our garden this year. I shared back in March that we had started seeds, and we transplanted most of them into our raised bed garden in April. 

I bought flowers a few weeks ago to add some color around the garden and porch. 

We ordered seeds from Burpee this year and they include these pollinator packets as a gift. I planted these in one of our raised beds, along with zinnias. I cannot wait to see these bloom!

This is what the pollinator seeds look like. Looks like birdseed, right? Yeah....the birds think so too. 

Love this view from the garden, the sky, the big fluffy dog and a toddler running around. My kind of happy. 

We transplanted our marigolds into some bright pots that we got at tractor supply last year. They add such a nice pop of color! 

My little helper....(and no, this is NOT an ad for miracle-gro, the bag just happened to be right there on the table where we were working!)...she's always right next to me no matter project we've got going on. 

This pretty went on my windowsill in the kitchen. 

This year we had to fence in our garden due to a very large and in charge Lucy. Her favorite pastime was running straight through the beds while chasing the cat. I wasn't about to let her stomp all over our seedlings that we've worked so hard on! 

Don't let that face fool ya; she's nothing but trouble in the garden. 

We added gravel between the beds, and it's made it so much prettier. The garden feels like a little outdoor room now. 

View from our front porch. Already planning expansion for next year, with more beds and a patio area. Still so much to do but I'm loving our progress. 

Here are our first squash blooms! 

Followed shortly by the first squash of the year!!! 

Tomato plants all ready to be tied to the stakes

I put a few of our potted marigolds near the tomatoes; they are supposed to ward off aphids. 

First strawberries are starting to peek out!

New rosemary to go with the two others we have. Our herb bed is one of my favorites. I love walking out and cutting these fresh for dinner. 

Cilantro self-sowed and grew like crazy and has already bolted. Waiting for it to go to seed so we can start all over again. 

Mmmmm basil. The smell, the color, the taste. I can't wait to cook with this guy!

And then these guys...these are the seedlings that we still have to plant or give away. We've already given away tons of plants to hubby's co-workers and still have this tote full left. 

So that's our garden update! Hope you guys enjoy, and even more, I hope it inspires you to go plant something of your own this year! It's so much fun and rewarding to see your plants growing day by day. 

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