Going to the River

Although our winters are mild and somewhat warm (no snow here sadly), we still look forward to the arrival of much warmer weather in spring. 

One warm evening a few weeks ago, HarperLinn asked if we could go to the beach. Though I'm always up for a spontaneous drive somewhere, the beach is a 4-5 hour drive. But, the local wildlife refuge isn't far at all, and the best part (for her, anyway), is water and the sand! We were all getting a little stir crazy from being in the house so a mini-trip was just what we needed. 

As we drove down the trail beside the river, I hopped in the backseat, rolled the windows down and let Harper sit in my lap. I heard a sigh of contentment, and I could feel her relaxing as the water came into view and we could hear the sounds of the waves. For us, there's just about nothing more relaxing. 

We found a secluded little spot of beach to play. I was so glad I brought my camera with me to capture this. 

Her Daddy taught her how to skip rocks, or at least attempted to teach her. 

Playing in sand was top on her agenda of things to do.

I found a few shells. Not as pretty as beach shells, but still.

She made quick work of getting those socks and shoes off and headed straight for the water. It wasn't as chilly as you would think for mid-March. 

Bill found some beautiful pieces of driftwood. So much character. 

I love the look of joy on her face. For children, it's so easy to find the beauty in everyday life, and small moments like these.

"Getting messy is my favorite part"- HarperLinn Rose, age 3 1/2

This little booger had to get in the truck just like this. I didn't think to bring a towel or change of clothes with us. But a messy truck was totally worth it to have these sweet memories. 

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