Weekend Pics

Starting something new....sharing little moments from our days. The big stuff, the small stuff, the everything in between stuff. 

Documenting our days is second nature to me. When you love photography as much as I do, everything you see becomes art. 

So here's what we're up to right now.

eating: waffles for breakfast 

reading/looking at: mommy & daddy's wedding album
 Tomorrow is our anniversary (TEN YEARS!!!-how has this much time flown by?!?), and I was trying to explain what an anniversary is, she had all kinds of questions about our wedding day and asked to see pictures. 
 I can't believe this is the first time I've shown her our pictures. There isn't much to it-just a scrapbook of snapshots but it's part of our love story.
enjoying: rocking her babies in the same rocker my mama rocked me in...that's a whole lotta rockin'.
watching: plants grow 
and seedlings emerge 
 loving: twinkle lights hung in our kitchen....
 that cozy look in the morning and in the evening.
And I'm loving this beautiful morning light and those little hands,
 that bed head...and her playing in a room full of old furniture and new(ish) toys. See that cradle just past the dollhouse? That was handmade by my great-uncle and was mine when I was little! 
 She's allowed to make as much of a mess in her room as she wants...and it pretty much stays this way. "Making a mess is my favorite" she says. 
Thanks for visiting with us! Happy weekend!

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