Everyday Happy

A ritual I've enjoyed for as long as I can remember is making my happy lists. I've never thought to share mine publicly, or even with close friends, but I thought it might be fun to start posting them here. 

My sister used to say to me on my moody days (not that I'm moody a lot, HA!) "What would make you happy right now? At this very minute?" My lists are sort of an answer to that question. On happy days, the lists come easily as my thoughts are overflowing, but I've also made lists when I'm feeling down-sort of a reminder of better days, or perhaps to give myself a jolt to pick an activity that brings me joy.

These days, I not only make lists, but I take pictures of my happy things as well. I keep an album on my phone for quick viewing when I need a visual pick me up. 

Right now, my happy:
~That first cup of coffee in the morning, and a glass of wine or chamomile tea in the evening
~Staying up and binge watching The Middle after putting HL down for bed at night. I just love this show. It reminds me of growing up in a big family, and their dynamic is so similar to my own family....cracks me up and makes my heart happy with every single episode!
~Reading a new series of cozy books-The Jinx Hamilton Mysteries 
~Daily farm walks with my camera in hand
~Decorating for spring 
~Baking cookies 
~Bi-weekly visits to the local library & the 25 cent book sale. 
~The warmer days of spring arriving 
~Watching Harper pick flowers in the yard 
~Planting seeds together and watching them grow, and the anticipation of our flowers and veggies this summer 
~Re-reading Harry Potter for the bazillionth time. Seriously never gets old. 
~Porch sitting in the evening & watching the sun set 
~Twinkle lights in the kitchen, craft room, porches 
~Sharing snippets of our life here and on IG, reminding myself that through all of the ups & downs, life is still beautiful 

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