Our December

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."  
Norman Vincent Peale
"Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling."
 Edna Ferber

I hate saying goodbye to December. We had such a lovely month, despite being sick for almost all of it!! Between the 3 of us, there was hardly a day in the whole month that one of us wasn't sick. We did our very best to soak up the season, and enjoy all of it that we possibly could. And of course, being sick didn't keep me away from my camera. 
 In our family, we decided several years ago to go with stress free holidays (ALL of them). My very favorite part of Christmas is the overall experiences I associate with this time of year. Not necessarily gifts or having a "perfect" Christmas, not trying to celebrate the way others do, but make it our own and do what is perfect just for our little family.

For us, this means making a list of the things that we love about the season and we focus on that.
I think of it as a seasonal bucket list.

This December, my favorites are going for rides looking at the beautiful lights and decorations,

Lighting candles and watching the soft glow,
Snuggling up and watching our growing collection of holiday faves, with mugs of hot cocoa and bowls of popcorn,
Spending time with family at our town's parade,

 There's nothing like a hometown parade! Welcome to Mayberry ;-)
 Seeing the wonder of her face on Christmas Eve, waiting and wishing,
and seeing her surprise on Christmas morning,

and the sweet sleep on Christmas night, after a day filled with joy and laughter! 
I hope you've all had a beautiful December and a very Merry Christmas indeed. Oh, since I'm posting this on Jan 1, Happy New Year! 

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