A Winter Story

Winter carries its own beauty; a sparse, cold, and peaceful kind of beauty. 

As much as I love snuggling indoors, I also love to bundle up and head out to capture the quietness of winter on our farm. 

There is still so much life & playfulness to be found if you look for it.

 Our farm family is growing this year. In addition to our deer that'll be here soon, we've added a new pup, our Great Pyrenees, Lucy. Her job will be livestock guardian for the deer and the goats, also coming soon.

We've been running extra wire for the electric fence that'll be for our horse and for the goats. Don't worry, it's unplugged in the pic above!!! She's helping her daddy pull the line tight. 

 It's funny how quickly animals bond to us. Lucy's been here just a month and already attached to Harper. If she's outside, you can bet Lucy will be within a few feet of her at all times.

 Harper wanted to give Sassy her sweet feed. I couldn't find her bucket so we used an empty ramen box :-D 

It's a long shot, but I'm still hoping for a chance at some snow before spring arrives! What about you friends, what does winter look like where you are? 

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