Lately...Christmas Decorating Edition

Christmas is my favorite season, and yes, I think of it as a season, not just a single holiday. I love the decorations, the lights, the movies, the sense of community, the food. 

I would be lying if I said I loved the shopping though. I don't do much shopping this time of the year. We like to focus more on family time and experiences than gifts. (Before you start thinking we're Grinchy, we do buy gifts for Harper!!! I LOVE buying stuff for her, but I don't love buying gifts for everyone under the sun. I'd rather make something, or bake something for people. And my mom usually helps with the gift wrapping-it's not my thing!)

Since December 1st rolled around, yucky winter illness has swept through our little family and all of us have been sick. We've kept our spirits up though and have been busy decorating and enjoying all the moments. 
Today I thought I'd share a little bit of the things that I love, that make our home feel cheery and festive!

 These snowmen were from the dollar store I worked at during high school. They've been on almost every desk that I've worked at since then, and now they're in my dining room. Harper loves playing with them, and she moves them around the house. They're a Mommy, Daddy, and Baby snowman according to her. :-) 

This hand-painted snowman joined us a few years ago.  He was a gift from one of my favorite teachers from elementary school, who is now a full time artist!   
 My favorite Christmas book. I have a few different copies; some new, some old, but this is the one is extra special to me because it's the one from my childhood that my mom used to read to us! It has to be at least 25 years old. 
 My favorite holiday cocktail glasses; these were a gift from one of my best friends several Christmases ago.
Christmas sprinkles, lined up and ready to go! These don't really count as decorations, but they're so dang cute I'm using them as decorations anyway!
 Tree decorations. Nothing special, but always pretty! I love the way the lights reflect off of these, they sparkle day or night!
These little guys are also from my childhood. My mom used to decorate with them when I was little, and last year she passed them on to me to make new memories with my little one. Until Harper is older, they'll have to hang out in the china cabinet though! They're already chipped and one is missing an arm. If they're going to survive another twenty years, they need to be out of reach of the little hands!!! 
Cute little Santa mugs filled with candy canes spruce up the kitchen windowsill. 
Our table centerpiece, for the moment, is a wood slice cut by the hubby, topped with a Hobby Lobby "Peace" decoration, and a kitchen easel with favorite recipes marked and ready to be baked.
Our mantel, filled with all of the Christmas books we've been collecting throughout the years.
Hope you've enjoyed a peek into our Christmas-y home. Come on back tomorrow for more holiday fun! 

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