Muddy Puddles

"If you jump in muddy puddles, you MUST wear your boots."
-Peppa Pig

We've been dearly missing the sunshine for the last few weeks. This afternoon, the clouds cleared away and the sun peeked through for more than 5 minutes for the first time in DAYS. Oh man, have we needed it! 

I asked baby girl if she wanted to get her boots on and go for a walk, and we enjoyed every minute of it. We took Sassy some sweet feed, got on the swing set for a while, visited the chickens, and then rounded it out with jumping in muddy puddles. Well, she jumped and I captured. I realized I haven't had my camera out much in days, and this was just the pick me up I needed. 

She needed the sunshine as much as I did! I love to see that smiling face.

We're going to be baking some gingerbread cookies this evening. We'll be back soon to share some with you! Have a great day, friends!

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