Vanilla Sprinkle Christmas Macarons

Hi friends! Welcome to my french macaron tutorial & recipe. If you've never had a macaron, or if you've had one and LOVE them and want to give baking them a try, this is a perfect recipe to start with. You might have heard of the finicky nature of these cookies if you've browsed the internet, but no worries! I want to take your fear out of baking these sweet treats. There are no complicated ingredients or instructions, but this post will be very detailed so you can be successful! 


Muddy Puddles

"If you jump in muddy puddles, you MUST wear your boots."
-Peppa Pig


Charming Treats

Anyone else here a cereal fan? This is my daughter's favorite. I'd be lying if I said I didn't sneak a bowl every now and again. But my favorite? The marshmallows, of course ;-) 

With just 4 easy ingredients and 10 minutes, you can have these yummy treats whipped up for an afternoon snack if you start right now! Let's get to the kitchen, shall we? 

Charming Treats

Farewell to October

Goodbye, dear October. 
You're my favorite month of all.

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