Fun Friday!

Fall days are my favorite, especially when I get to enjoy it with my family and friends at our little town's homecoming parade. 

This is my daughter's 3rd time to go and I think this is the first year that she's truly enjoyed it. I mean, wouldn't you, if this was your candy haul???

By now my family is used to me carrying the camera everywhere I go; my people know I will always be taking pictures whether they like it or not! I love being able to look back over the years at these moments. They may seem small, but it's time with family & friends that means the most to me, and it's worth capturing.

Waiting for the parade with our people. My best friend, her daughter, my daughter, and my baby sister.

Our girls love each other! 

Me & Baby Girl

Here comes the parade!

Waving at the people.

We followed up the parade with some front porch sitting, catching bubbles, and of course, the candy. 

Crazy amount of candy for the girls! 

We had the best time today, and I can't wait for more fall activities. We've got a trip to the pumpkin patch coming up, pumpkin carving party, football watching and lots more family time. What are you looking forward to?

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